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Fire Damage Water Damage Repair


Remodeling After Water Damage

water damaged. Remodeling after a fire or flood is a gray area, and up to the judgment of the homeowner. Unlike an electrical repair, remodeling a home can be done by anyone provided they know something about foundation and building.

However, unlike extracting a drenched home of water, remodeling can be costly and must be done right the first time. (Unless you have money to spare. Who doesn't, right?)

Mold And Rain Damage

Not only do heavy rains and flash flooding damage ceilings and walls, mold development is also a threat to contend with. Mold is the enemy within; it can form behind walls, on top of ceiling tile and fill your house not only with a foul smelling odor but also with toxic spores and fumes. You don't have to see mold to feel its effects.

Foundation Repair

Whether you have mold-contaminated walls or a wall ready to collapse due to rain damage, there is a process to remodeling your damaged home. The first step is the foundation of the house.

Before you start on any new project be sure that the foundation is not going to collapse on you. Consulting a professional contractor who deals in foundation repair is imperative in this instance. The foundation may need to be raised, reinforced or braced by steel rods or concrete.

Ceiling Tile And Walls

In deciding whether to replace walls and ceiling tile, pay close attention to the appearances of walls (whether they are cracked or settled) and use a plumb bob to check the alignment.

Walls may need to be braced or in some cases torn down and replaced. This is particularly true in the case of walls and tiles that have suffered flood damage and have accumulated mold.

Repairing The Floor

A floor that is not level may be fixed by a hammer and nail, if the damage is minor. But installing a new floor may be necessary if the floors are too badly damaged. Minor breakage could be refinished or even laid over with a new floor cover of vinyl, linoleum or, economically, just a pretty carpet.

Hiring a contractor you trust may be the best idea, unless home remodeling comes natural to you. If you do, be sure and hire a contractor who has had experience in remodeling flood damaged homes.

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