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Fire and Water Damage
Fire Damage Water Damage Repair


water damaged vehicles, water damaged phone, water damaged subfloor. While bringing calm to your home and cleaning the remains of soil is just a matter of concentration, repairing the utilities can be complicated and even a matter of life and death.

Dry The Area

The first order in the case of flood or heavy leak damage is to completely dry the area. While everything is still wet, cover up the electrical outlets, marking them as shock hazards. After the room is completely dry, you may want to dry the outlets and other electrical equipment.

Keep in mind that even appliances that are not plugged up can potentially shock you. If you decide to dry off these electrical sources, this will require completely shutting off the electricity first so that you can take the object apart and dry it manually. Do not attempt this unless you've had experience in working with electrical equipment.

Gas And Oil Systems

If your stove, furnace or water heater was completely soaked, then turn off the valve on the pipe to the appliance. If these devices were being used when the flooding happened then some parts have already cracked. Before attempting to fix the appliance it should be professionally cleaned. Chimneys should also be checked for leaks and debris.

Electrical System

An electrical system likewise must be professionally cleaned before any work is attempted on it. Some electronically savvy householders can work on parts of the electrical system themselves (for example drying out the circuits). However for cleaning and repairing the main breaker and fuse box then a professional electrician should be requested.

Water Utilities

Households are not recommended to drink faucet water after a flood. Usually drinking water will be provided by local or governmental authorities in the event of a flood. Sometimes when there is a flood sewage and septic systems can become clogged or unusable. Flush first and keep in contact with the water company regarding any problems in the mainline.

Repair--Not Just Restore--Your Valuables

While homeowners can handle many cleaning assignments after a water related disaster, it is highly recommended (and sometimes locally required) to have a licensed electrician or specialist repair appliances in your home. You can't take a chance when your personal safety is involved.

Water Damage Repair
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