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Fire and Water Damage
Fire Damage Water Damage Repair


water damage on wood. The best defense is no defense.

Well, not when talking about water damage and flooding.

In the case of accidental water damage, the best defense is to be prepared for the absolute worst.

An emergency preparation plan should be already be formulated by the time disaster happens.

How A Plan Can Help You

A preparedness plan covers water damage as well as fire. Some people find it useful to write the plan down in detail, whether on paper or on computer. This allows them to respond quickly to an emergency situation and not waste precious minutes panicking and trying to decide on a plan of action.

Protection from water damage is essential. Flooding though not as initially severe as other thunderstorm activity can damage or destroy virtually everything in your house. Even a small water accident like a leaky pipe can cause damage to the floor, carpet and home furnishings.

Observation And Logic

One simple way to be prepared is to make a careful examination of your property. Get an experienced professional to examine the roof to make sure you won't have a leaking problem. As far as you can help it, try and regularly clean the gutters and drains of your plumbing.

Another tidbit of advice is to make it a habit of storing valuable materials higher than you normally would. A suggested measurement is at least four inches off the ground. That way most of your furniture and appliances will be protected in the event of a flood. Getting an electrician to install outlets in a higher position might also be a shrewd idea. Obviously, storing any valuables in the basement would not be.

Flood Insurance

Of course there are some things that you can never fully plan for. While securing your home from flash flooding will help immensely, the flooding is sure to do some damage regardless of any plan of action. Arguably the best plan of action is an insurance plan. Many insurance companies offer year round flood protection some for less than a dollar a day.

Why pay for flood insurance that you might possibly never use? So you can be prepared, of course. Traditionally, flood damage is not covered by homeowners' policies. In addition, there are some technical problems in seeking help elsewhere. For one thing, in order to qualify for federal disaster assistance, your entire area must be declared a federal disaster by the president of the United States.

The last thing you need after surviving a flooding situation are problems and technicalities. By being prepared, physically and legally, you can survive even the worst-case scenario.

Water Damage Repair
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