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Fire and Water Damage
Fire Damage Water Damage Repair


green mold and mildew. A flooded house. Water in the basement. A plumbing problem.

A leak of rainwater dripping in from the ceiling. There are some examples of water damage.

Water damage is a nuisance and not only because of the initial flooding, but also because of what happens next.

If moisture is allowed to buildup then this can lead to the growth of mold, a sort of living fungi that's not too cute to have around, considering they can aggravate allergies and asthma problems.

What's the best way to prevent mold from developing? There are many things a household can do to ensure the cleanliness of a home-even after such a soiling incident as a flood.

Drying The Area

The first step to take, whether it is cleaning up after a leak or a flood, is to completely dry out the area. This involves more than just getting rid of gallons of water and making the floor dry to walk on. It also involves mopping and blotting out small spills. After a physical drying, then a thorough usually heat-based method of further drying is necessary. Dehumidifiers or fans are other options to consider.

Eliminating Sources Of Contamination

Whether speaking of carpets, furniture or personal items, if it's contaminated with polluted water then it most likely will have to be discarded. Where does floodwater come from? From sewer and septic systems, from farms and ranches-all sorts of places you wouldn't want to put your hands or your mouth.

Many furniture items, particularly upholstered furniture will have to be thrown away if soaked by floodwaters. Carpets may be discarded or in some cases kept, as long as a thorough cleaning with bleach is done, along with a padding replacement, immediately after the water damage.

Sorting Through Wet Office Documents

One of the many items that will probably be damaged in a flood incident will be your valuable office documents. (Life just happens that way.) What should a person do if essential papers and supplies are soiled or soaked? Yes, the disposal of these items is very necessary. However, what you could do is remove the soaked documents away from the water, rinse them, dry them and make a photocopy before throwing them away.

Some have also tried rinsing documents and then freezing them until drying could be done later. It should be emphasized though that keeping soiled documents, no matter how white they look, could be a health risk.

Yes, restoring and rebuilding a tidy home after a flood situation is the best way to prevent mold from developing. Mold survives in moist, dirty areas. Keeping your house clean and dry is a sure way to make sure your unwelcomed moldy guests stay out.

Water Damage Repair
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