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Fire and Water Damage
Fire Damage Water Damage Repair


get flood water out of carpet. After a flood, leak or fire incident, first and foremost, all of the water should be extracted from your home.

Not only should large volumes be discarded, but also every little puddle and spill should be blotted out and the inside of the building thoroughly dried.

Then, the clean up operation is only halfway through. In order to prevent mold and bacteria from forming due to left over moisture, it is important to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Can The Water Damaged Carpet Be Salvaged?

The first thing to consider before moving on to ways of cleaning the carpet is if it is worth keeping. Not in terms of value of course, rather, whether the carpet has been excessively soaked or damaged. A carpet that has been completely soiled by floodwater should be thrown away-and done so very cautiously.

On the other hand, a carpet that was only partially soaked could be still be kept. Even on carpets worth saving, however, replacing the padding underneath is recommended.

Cleaning Water Damaged Carpets Immediately

A carpet should be cleaned after drying within 48 hours if possible. What is involved in cleaning a carpet? The suggested cleaning method is a bit more complicated than just a quick spill or a ceiling leak. After extracting all of the water from the carpet, the first step is to shampoo the carpet with a dilute surfactant.

Soak the carpet with at least cup of bleach and water at a maximum concentration. (A solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water is advisable.) Rinse and extract the carpet to remove the residue. Finally, dry the carpet within 24 hours of cleaning treatment. As always, when drying an item try to use a reliable heat source, or a dehumidifier or a fan, so that it thoroughly dries.

Cleaning Water Damaged Carpets With Delay

It is possible due to circumstances beyond control, that a water-damaged carpet will not get cleaned within 2 days. If the carpet is dirtied in winter season then treating it as indicated above might work even beyond the recommended 48 hours. However, in summertime, when the humidity and heat is increased, time is very important.

The carpet should be kept in an air-conditioned place or should be kept cool and dry using a dehumidifier. Humid environments, along with the passing of days, might be enough to ruin a carpet.

Finally, there is the option of hiring a professional carpet cleaner. While this may be expensive, if you can't invest a lot of time and effort into thoroughly cleaning and drying a carpet then it may be the only real solution. Nobody expects water disasters to happen. Luckily, most carpets can be saved if they are cleaned well and cleaned quickly.

Water Damage Repair
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